Gadgets That Came And Went

April 28, 2012 by Richard Hollins  
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It is pretty obvious when the country is doing well financially because we tend to be bombarded with numerous gadgets that we really could do without; it is more a case of us having more money than sense. Below are some examples of the strange gadgets that we have seen starring on the late night shopping channels; most of these gadgets are overpriced and under performing.

Laser guided scissors were a pair of scissors for anyone who liked the idea of arts and crafts but found it difficult to follow a straight line with their scissors.

Egg Boilers were created to help those of us who found it impossible to put an egg into boiling water for three minutes before removing it. It is impossible to say how we can actually manage to boil an egg these days since these egg boilers are no longer being produced.

Impact alarm clocks was a device that was designed to be switched off when it was flung against a wall. This seems like a good idea at first but after a teenager has put a baseball shaped alarm clock through their LCD TV or something else of value there is only one place left to throw them out.

The Sinclair C5 was reported on the UK news as being a wonder invention but to be perfectly honest, this embarrassing invention did not stick around for long and it is no wonder. The claim was that the Sinclair C5 would be the answer to the congestion on British roads but the reality is that it was basically a child’s toy disguised as a commuter vehicle.

They were mass made in an ex-vacuum cleaner factory that had to change its product after the Hoover Company suffered losses. Staff at this plant were soon looking for a career change.

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