The Gongs For The Game Of The Year

June 12, 2012 by Richard Hollins  
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The Oscars are something we have all heard of where the cream of the acting world get recognised for their work over the past 12 months. However there are awards ceremonies held in most industries and the gaming industry is no different; in fact many of the game developers and software houses are fighting for recognition of their own in the game of the year awards.

The only real noticeable difference between the Game of the Year Awards and the Oscars is the lack of tearful speeches and the red carpet.

In actual fact, these gaming awards are not normally held at a top venue but are rather voted on by those who actually read the computer or video gaming press. Another way that games are voted on is through the games manager GameSpy or Steam which are desktop favourites for the PC. This is good because then at least you know that the people that have voted are the people that are spending the money and playing the games.

The big winners in 2010 were Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2 which will come as a surprise to all those that were addicted to the Call of Duty Series for much of the time that voting took place. This year has some big name contenders and it’s no shock that Mass Effect 3 is leading the way with players that use the GameSpot Forum.

This forum tends to be a good thermometer for measuring how hot a video game is. However there are more categories to think about than just RPGs which is what Mass Effect 3 is.

In terms of football games there has been a debate for some time about whether FIFA or Pro Evolution is better and that debate is continuing. That will be decided in September when both games are due for release and it should be another close call.

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