Modded Xbox 360 Controller: Most Popular Mods

May 12, 2012 by Joe Goddard  
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Gaming has gone through many changes over the course of a year, as games change the fact that modded Xbox 360 controllers stay strong in the market is solid proof of their worth in the industry. The Xbox 360 controller mods benefit the gamer that uses them during first-person shooters for multiple years. The most favorite franchises in past days for gaming mods are Call of Duty, Halo and Gears of War.

There are a few distinct types of modded controllers for first-person shooters that supply the users a different one-up on their rivals. Modded Xbox 360 controllers arrive with Rapid fire, fast reload, and button relocation. There are also multiple controllers that are organized to specifically fit a unique game release. These game specialized mods used to capture your opposition off-guard and may only have for a moment if it’s a universal function because they’ve already adapted to the mod, but that wouldn’t necessarily happen with a specialized mod. Rapid fire and fast reload mods are harmonious with the most general videogame titles. The mods cover both single player games and multiplayer games with franchises that have multiple titles.

While the most general Xbox 360 controller mods are for first-person shooters, video games, modded Xbox 360 controllers can also be created to work with sports associated games. A gamer is capable of customizing their own controller’s command layout with a button modification mod. This mod will let gamers refrain from unnecessary mistakes when enjoying games such as Madden, or NBA 2k11.

People forget that mods don’t imply some attribute of benefit in all cases. Some companies make modded controllers that are just stunning, with LEDs lighting up the center of the controller or around the thumbsticks or buttons. These primary mods are found in the XCM models of controllers and can be discovered on a plethora of websites out there.

If you are hunting for video game mods for the specific games of your preference, ranging from first-person shooter games to sports titles, make sure that you locate your own modded controller as it will create for you a fun, new way to take down your rival.

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