Virtual Reality Computer Games

June 26, 2012 by Richard Hollins  
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Back in the early nineties there were many virtual reality computer games in local shopping centres and they were tipped to be the next big thing. Although these games allowed you to take up the pilot’s seat in a fighter jet, they just never became as popular as people thought they would be.

The main problem with these games was the fact that there weren’t gloves to control them like we have today and the helmet that had to be worn weighed a tonne. In fact that may have been why the machines which cost a fortune to have a go on failed.

The technology wasn’t great and the graphics definitely not good but that would have all been forgiven if the games they made were great. If there had just been one game that became infectious then we would probably all be playing these games in our homes today.

In 2007 there was a new upsurge in virtual reality gaming and this was brought about by companies like Icuiti who produced a version of the virtual reality head set that actually fit in a pair of glasses that you would wear quite easily.

The iWear VR920 game controller was one of the first of the next generation that allowed you to immerse yourself in games and unlike many VR games that had gone before this could be used in role playing games that were already popular in homes everywhere.

Giving the impression of being inside a game with the help of a headset or glasses is something that a lot of game developers have been working on over the years. But if you really wanted to get away from it all for a few hours, then a pair of 3D surround sound earphones would be ideal as they could make sure you were even more immersed in the game without distractions.

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Play Xbox 360 Games Batman Arkham Asylum

June 25, 2012 by Cole Hann  
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How hard is it to play Xbox 360 games these days.

The Xbox 360 was an hit with game players as quickly as it entered the market. As would naturally be anticipated, the new generation of Xbox 360 game-players commenced instantly to try and find out methods to create backup copies of their games, and the way to play copied Xbox 360 games on their systems.

It used to be that you had to perform all these crazy mods and install chips if you wanted a backup to play on your Xbox 360 console. Most often this would require getting a hold of a pro to do it for you, meaning unless your tech savvy there will be no playing game backups for you. Fortunately that was then.

Taking your machine to a pro is always a high priced shady adventure. No matter who did it you had to wait to pick it back up and trust them with your baby. Most peeps don’t have the time to deal with this and just avoid it, and skip playing more than half of the new game releases.

Now the Xbox 360 systems have been about for some time, and became generally used, software programmers have found it moneymaking to develop game duplicating software that will evade the Xbox’s copy protection and enable the game player to make backup copies of all his Xbox game disks without hazarding damages to the dear Xbox 360 console, and voiding its maker’s guarantee.

Now that you can easily stealth patch your games to work online its not a problem to load up a new game to your usb drive and play Xbox 360 games with wild abandon!

They no longer had to fret about the price of replacing damaged, lost, or thieved Xbox games. They could now make top quality and serviceable backups and play copied games on Xbox 360 fairly frequently, while storing the first game disks in a secure place.

Backups changed into a great potential cash saver for the moment when the inescapable game disk disaster would happen. The Xbox 360 games of today are technical wonders. The computerized animation and high-spec image-quality has transformed what used to be straightforward fun, into an amazing experience.

No longer is a new game the same old boring routine. Every new game you play is a brand new experience customized for the gamer. With all the new updates and effects you don’t want to miss playing a new game release these days.

The only thing that holds me back is the way too crazy prices to have a new game release, sure its nice to have the case and wrapping but I can live with it as long as I get the new games before they are even in the store yet. You can even download the disk image and print them anyway.

Using this easy to use software you can make quick time with your Xbox backup games. Its not quite just one software application there are many you must use depending on the scenario your dealing with. They have all that covered for you so be aware they have all the updates before you know you need them.

All the software you need is included, you will need to have a basic computer, some hard drive space and good guidance from a team of Xbox 360 experts who have been in the game over 5 years and running!

Being able to play Xbox 360 games you download is so easy now!

Get started instantly and Play Xbox 360 Games to your hearts desire.

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Development Studios: The Worlds Top Rated Ones

June 24, 2012 by Richard Hollins  
Filed under Computers

When you consider the computer game industry there are a few big names that stand out immediately such as Electronic Arts or Activision. Call of Duty and FIFA are among the games that these developers have been responsible for bringing to the market over the last few years.

So if you have a look at the top ten game developers which have been listed based on the ratings of the games reviews then you may be shocked to find that some of these big names are not ranking so highly.

The software game developers ranked number one according to the Develop100 ratings are Nintendo so no surprises there. The number two position on the list has been taken by 2D Boy which is a big surprise; this company was set up in 2006 by two former Electronic Arts employees and the fact that they only have one title to their name makes it even more surpising.

It stands to reason that 4 of the top ten game development houses are based in the US and 2 of them in Japan. ZeptoLab is a Russian based game developer and has taken the number three slot on the list; this company has had a runaway success with its physics based puzzle game.

Back in 1997 a British games developer, Rockstar Games made its name by creating games for Nintendo handheld devices and for the PSP, so it is no surprise that one of their spin off companies Rockstar Leeds has made it onto the top ten list.

There are another two slots left in the top ten list and they are taken by 1337 Game Design and TheCodeMonkeys from Sweden and Germany; these developers are more interested in creating games for the mobile markets especially for the Apple platforms.

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Which Is Better For Gaming: A Mouse And Keyboard Or A Joy Pad

June 23, 2012 by Richard Hollins  
Filed under Computers

When people are hardcore gamers they tend to have their favourite controller type and while you may think that the biggest divide would be between the Xbox controller and the PlayStation controller you’d be mistaken.

The truth is that you would probably be surprised at the response you would get from a PC gamer if you told them they had to choose between the Xbox controller or the Playstation one.

When it comes to getting through to a computer, it is much easier to use a keyboard and a mouse than a controller or a game pad. This is the main reason why there is such as big market for gaming keyboards which can be the same price as a games console. So are these keyboards worth it?

Some of the games on a computer would not work with a controller because of the fact that there are not enough buttons on the controller. It really isn’t practical in many cases to come up with a compromise which is what a lot of people are wondering. You can use a mouse and a keyboard at the same time but you probably couldn’t use the mouse at the same time as the controller or joy pad.

With a gaming mouse you will get a better grip because of their ergonomic design and you will also notice that they are different to standard mice because they have more buttons. The gaming mice on the market are also a lot more expensive than you would normally expect to pay for a mouse.

As for the gaming experience well there are plus factors for both sides but ultimately the PC gaming scene is a lot more geared towards grownups and the console market towards the younger crowd. For that reason, PC gaming often comes across as more impressive.

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Cataclysm Leveling Zones – Zygor Guide Review

June 19, 2012 by John Threaver  
Filed under Hobbies

Hey all, so you’re having trouble and need help using the new World of Warcraft Cataclysm zones. Since every one of the missions and zones are updated, leveling will be very time consuming, especially if you don’t take time to fumble through the game, because of responsibly at the office and home. Making most of your time in game is invaluable.

I’ve done my research and found an in game add-on manual that will get rid of grinding and makes getting levels fun and efficient. The guide is called Zygor guides. They have many different types of in game guides you can buy relatively low-cost. But the one I want to target for this article is the leveling guide.

With all the new content that has came out in the expansions, new missions, new Cataclysm areas, the leveling cap being raised to 85, new talents, and achievements, there is certainly a whole lot of content to digest without getting any assistance, and having to toggle back and forth between a PDF game guide and wow is simply not efficient enough. The only way to make it work is making the manual run seemless with the user interface, so it is roughly like you aren’t having a guide at every one, yet the manual is leading you to the missions that give you the the majority of gold and experience, to help you levelup really fast Also, they’ve both Horde leveling guides and Alliance leveling guides, also it automatically tailors to your class.

Regardless of whether you happen to be already 85 wouldn’t you prefer to get another Character to 85 fast, Or in case your guild is a leveling guild that specialize in getting everyone to max level. A single person could assistance the whole group.

Zygor guides is one of, if not the best, most trusted guides out there, and that is for several reasons:

Legitimacy- Wow has strict in game add-on policy guidelines that Zygor manuals adheres to 100%, thus no fear of getting banned.

Complete- Zygor guides have many different guides, daily guides, gold guides, achievement guides, that are also available.

Free Updates- Zygor guides give you updates at no cost.

Its UI is extreamely smooth -Zygor guides’ UI is really well done and integrates seamlessly with WOW’s UI.

In conclusion I just want to say that I personally believe this is probably the top most respected Wow guide around, and I believe it speaks for itself.

Looking to find the best deal on Cataclysm Leveling Zones, then visit my review site to find the best advice on WOW Leveling Guide for you.


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Is It Better To Play Games On A Console Or A Handheld Device

June 16, 2012 by Richard Hollins  
Filed under Computers

Years ago as you grew up you used to be either into hand held gaming devices, PCs or games consoles and the market was split that way. Now the gap in the market isn’t as obvious with it not being unusual for households to have all three options for growing kids.

However this is not really a bad thing when you are working in the games industry because it gives the developers room to exploit more markets and get more customers.

However there are some people who will outright refuse to play a game on a hand held device because they feel that the fiddly buttons and inferior sounds means that they cannot get the same gaming experience that they would with a console or PC for example. The truth is that you just cannot get into a game with a handheld device in the same way that you can get immersed in your games if you are playing them on a huge screen and with surround sound.

But there are many games made especially for these smaller screens on the DSi or 3DS and they are easy to get addicted to. Hand held consoles have been exploiting the addictiveness of their games genres for over three decades now since Donkey Kong back in the early eighties.

There have been some really successful games that have made the move to the bigger screens and have done really well on these platforms as well. Games like the Mario Bros series have been a hit on every platform. However when games go the other way, it does not always work out as well.

Titles that have broken all records on the games consoles of today have largely passed without comment in the world of the hand held machines. You are not going to want to play a game like Halo or Call of Duty on a hand held device after playing it on the games console.

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The Gongs For The Game Of The Year

June 12, 2012 by Richard Hollins  
Filed under Computers

The Oscars are something we have all heard of where the cream of the acting world get recognised for their work over the past 12 months. However there are awards ceremonies held in most industries and the gaming industry is no different; in fact many of the game developers and software houses are fighting for recognition of their own in the game of the year awards.

The only real noticeable difference between the Game of the Year Awards and the Oscars is the lack of tearful speeches and the red carpet.

In actual fact, these gaming awards are not normally held at a top venue but are rather voted on by those who actually read the computer or video gaming press. Another way that games are voted on is through the games manager GameSpy or Steam which are desktop favourites for the PC. This is good because then at least you know that the people that have voted are the people that are spending the money and playing the games.

The big winners in 2010 were Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2 which will come as a surprise to all those that were addicted to the Call of Duty Series for much of the time that voting took place. This year has some big name contenders and it’s no shock that Mass Effect 3 is leading the way with players that use the GameSpot Forum.

This forum tends to be a good thermometer for measuring how hot a video game is. However there are more categories to think about than just RPGs which is what Mass Effect 3 is.

In terms of football games there has been a debate for some time about whether FIFA or Pro Evolution is better and that debate is continuing. That will be decided in September when both games are due for release and it should be another close call.

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Downloading Games With Steam: Is This Something People Are Getting Fed Up With

June 10, 2012 by Richard Hollins  
Filed under Computers

The problem that many people have using steam is that it often costs more to get a game downloaded to your system. And considering you do not get any packaging with your new game, it is even more strange. If you pay 50 for a new game then you at least want something you can look at on a shelf or have a backup in case you decide to play on another system when your old one packs in.

Obviously if you wanted to install it again on a different computer you could download it again but would you want to go through that hassle again?

You may find it all the more annoying when things happen that are not expected just like the time when Call of Duty Black Ops was released. Everyone who had decided that it would be a good idea to sit outside the shops until the game was released was told that they would have to download the game via Steam, when they got home.

And while this was happening, it was not possible to buy the game from Steam because you had to go to the shops to buy the box and then download it, which was even stranger.

So how much of the 50 is actually saved by the game developers in order to put the players through so much trouble and the real question is do you think it’s worth it? One thing is certain and that is Steam have to cope better with their high demand on major release days. Bugs in the system and reports of crashes are leaving a lot of people feeling very frustrated.

Although most of us are happy enough with the idea behind Steam, it is the implementation of it that is bothering us. However with such a rapidly growing service there are bound to be some bugs but the crashes should be few and far between now because of investments in infrastructure. If you stick with it, you should see improvements to Steam.

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The Gadgets Most Men Want

June 3, 2012 by Richard Hollins  
Filed under Technology

Most of us are aware of the fascination that most men have with gadgets but this is an industry that is changing all the time; so what gadgets are most men after at the moment? Although a man’s age will often determine what type of gadgets he will prefer there are some gadgets that are loved by all men regardless of their age. Here are just some ideas that can’t fail to impress if they are given as a present.

The latest iPhone is one gadget that is probably near the top of every man’s list because no matter what age you are, you are seen to be cool if you have an iPhone. There has been a lot of kudos given to the brand and although they are pretty much everywhere now they are still very sought after.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one of the most popular tablet PCs that you can buy these days which uses Android 3.0 OS; in fact it has even become more popular than the iPad. This super tablet packs a desktop PC sized punch because of the use of a dual core processor and another benefit is the dual cameras built in to the front and the rear. And the fact that it is so lightweight at just under six hundred grams means that it is not going to cause you any trouble if you take it anywhere with you.

The iPod Touch is without doubt the best looking and coolest iPod to hit the market and what makes it so cool is all the apps that are available. The gaming really is spectacular for a unit of that size.

At a little over a quarter of an inch thick this gadget packs some serious power and even has HD recording with its camera. The latest iPod Touch from Apple uses iOS 4 and this makes it truly versatile.

Anyone sporting one of these top three gadgets of today will have plenty of street credibility but to have all three you would have to be some king of gadget style guru.

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The Xbox Red Light Error Codes And What You Should Do About Them

June 1, 2012 by John Andrews  
Filed under Computers

Getting flashing red lights on your console after your Xbox 360 stops working is a frustrating experience. If you don’t understand the meaning of these lights, it’s impossible to know what you should do next.

For starters, there are four different light patterns or error codes to be aware of. Each error code denotes a specific type or class of problems. The error codes and their meanings are listed below:

1.) One red light.

This indicates a hardware problem. Turn off the console and remove the cables. Then reattach the cables and turn the console back on.

If it still flashes a one red light, then repeat the process with the hard drive. Power off the console, detach then reattach the hard drive and turn the power back on. You should also do this with the memory unit if your console has one. Power off, remove, reattach, and then power on again.

The point of this procedure was to ensure that the hard drive, cables, and memory unit were securely attached.

2.) Two red lights.

Two red lights mean that the console has over heated. Your Xbox needs to cool down so turn off the power and allow a few hours of rest time. The Xbox has a marginal cooling system at best and can’t handle abuse of any kind.

It is extremely delicate in this regard. It should only be used in cool and well ventilated environments. Don’t place it next to other electronics (they put out heat), ovens, stoves, or in direct sunlight.

Keep your Xbox out of any and all enclosures. The fan vents draw in a lot of air for cooling purposes. So it’s important that they not become clogged up.

Keep these vents clean of dirt and dust. Placing you Xbox on shaggy carpeting or on very soft surfaces like the top of your bed covers can also obstruct air flow into the fan vents.

3.) Three red lights.

Three red lights indicate a hardware problem with either the console or with its power supply. The three red light condition has two basic causes. Either the Xbox is starved for power, or it is running too hot.

First check to see if it’s getting enough power. The power supply has a light on its side. It should be green, if not, start checking the power cord connections. Make sure that your wall outlet or power surge protector aren’t at fault.

If too much heat is causing the 3 red light error, the problem may be caused by the way that you are operating the Xbox. It could also be caused by an internal defect. You should first rule out operational causes by using the recommendations for the 2 red light error. If you are still having problems, then an internal component needs replacement or repair.

4.) Four red lights.

You have an AV cable that is either loose or damaged. Reattach the cable or get a new one if required.

Having problems with your Xbox 360? Get more Xbox 360 trouble shooting information about the xbox ring of death.

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