Strength training and weight loss with the Wii Fitness Plus

March 8, 2012 by Pat Reval  
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Somebody please put some more X into exergaming. Yet for the first actual release to the people, game makers did a great job. I’m satisfied with Wii Fit’s motion sensing, but there’s some really cool footage we see from movies and sports and a real workout for athletes would be super cool. Having a flaw in my balance due to an unknown stability caused by a weakness on my right side is cool, though. At least I have something to work on. I also think swinging my arms around and seeing a digital avatar I created respond to my moves is cool.

I remember when workouts used to be sweaty, exhausting, painful and riddled with calorie burns. I bet that 10 minutes of sprints used to burn in excess of 200 calories. Only 144 calories exhausted in 36 min on Wii Fit Plus Strength exercises. But, you get to view your digital avatar. Did I mention him before? Be sure to keep your eyes down and wait for the signals while doing push ups. Some of the core exercises provided the most difficult to scoring opportunities for me. I think mostly due to the weakness on my right side that causes the instability…

Games are cool too. As is the Fit Plaza and extras including locker room with many other options. Your pet’s weight can be taken and saved for future monitoring. Video game designers can really bring modern exercise science to the masses. At this time, weight, BMI, calories burned and stats for every move on the balance board are all calculated and charted before your very eyes. Thats cool.

But, what’s the coolest thing about exercising? Advancement. It can be weight loss, a race, looks or simply the gratification of knowing you worked hard. Video gamers need to consider all the above in order to bring even the hard-core a accomplished workout. Similar technology has been tested and used to moniter athlete development in sports science programs around the world. Being able to play games and exercise for real in front of our HDtv’s is something I’d like to see.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

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