XBOX360 Gaming Performance

July 11, 2012 by Frank Mitchell  
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A great change in entertainment was made possible through man’s innovation and continuous discovery. Televisions now replaced the theater plays and operas while robots arise as new opponents in games like chess testing human’s mental abilities.

Gaming has evolved into more interesting format from the simple dice throwing or playing tag into entertaining game plays available in different video game consoles. Ever since video game consoles have landed on the shores of the global market, the term home entertainment has changed drastically.

Of all competing gaming consoles, two stood out being referred as one of the most remarkable units to have been ever created, forever redefining the gaming experience: Sony’s Playstation 2 and Microsoft’s Xbox. But the question remains unanswered to which game console should be recognized as the top performer and the only way for us to know is to make a thorough comparison of each console’s features both good and bad.

To start with, Xbox has a remarkable processing power and graphic capabilities, much great compared to what the PS2 has. In addition to that, XBOX has built in hard disk drive allowing you to save game’s progress instead of using memory card as opposed to PS2.

In addition to these features, Xbox has the raw power and includes additional features which the PS2 does not have. One example is being able to rip music from a standard audio cd and use it to customize the soundtrack of some games which have the option to have its soundtrack be modified.

Setting system specs aside, both the XBox and PS2 have multi-player capability. While the Xbox uses home LAN system similar to how a desktop works, the PS2 in turn, can utilize the same system by using a link cable. Playing online can be done with both gaming console but XBOX has an edge since it has an online community called XBOX Live and everything is possible there. If you prefer playing with a group of friends, you can go for Xbox since it is guaranteed for that purpose.

Always consider the availability of the games you want to play. With this in mind, Xbox is still standing competitive. Xbox games are more inclined towards the adult market and comparing Xbox’s latest games to PS2 games, it can be said that the Xbox’s graphics are far better.

Don’t forget to consider their peripherals like the control pads.The appearance of a control pad may seem trivial but it is actually a significant factor, especially for those people who have a specific preference when it comes to gamepads. Since XBOX 360 is primarily for adults, it has a larger control pad containing several buttons.

Though Xbox may be more expensive, it has a better quality in terms of performance and has more games directed to the adult market to enjoy. You’ll love it.

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CoD Black Ops – Your Chance to Get it 100 % Free!

July 10, 2012 by Martin Russell  
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Call of Duty: Black Ops has been out for several months now and we have even highlighted the actual way it turned into really doing very well with numerous online players. It is regrettable that some people have not played the game. It’s difficult to imagine or believe, but yes, some people are missing out on all of the fun.

When you have desired to enjoy Black Ops since it was released, or join your buddies in Black Ops Zombies mode, then now is the time to have a copy of Black Ops. Yes, keep on reading as I have a very good offer for people who are closely following this blog.

I wish to show you a chance to receive a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops in either PS3 or Xbox. All that you should do is follow the link below and enter your email address then a shipping address. But there is one problem with this offer. This is restricted to people from USA only. Again, this is Open to US residents only.

By registering, you will also have a chance to receive the XBox 360 or PS3 gaming system as well as Call of Duty: Black Ops. In case you have already got the Black Ops or one of the gaming systems, then give your copy to a friend and you’ll be able to kill a number of zombies alongside one another for a multiplayer game. This will be truly exhilarating.

Here’s another not so great news. The thing is that these kind of devices are very restricted to a number of people who are happy to test the merchandise and provide their feedback to the company. Because it is limited, you have to take action now. Supplies are limited and you don’t need to waste your time. Simply click the link I provide below. Ideally, it is still available by the time you see this article.

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Halo 3

June 27, 2012 by Owen Jones  
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Recently, while searching the Internet for information on the Halo 3 weapons cheats, I came across a number of what-if scenarios? What if Master Chief fought different famous characters from films, comic books, and legends? Here is a list of some of these battles and my idea of the result.

While technically not a Halo 3 weapon cheat, the match-up of Master Chief versus Robocop would be interesting. According to the information on the Internet both have several similarities. They’re both human, they’ve both been improved on, they both have amazing armour and they are both veteran fighters. Most respondents thought that Master Chief would beat Robocop, but let’s face facts here, Master Chief can be put down with a hand-gun, whereas Robocop kept on going after being blown up at a petrol station. The verdict has to go to Robocop.

If Master Chief took on the next fighter he would do well to have a Halo 3 weapon cheat. I’m talking about MacGyver. Master Chief has a lot of advantages. He is proficient with a variety of weapons; he has that amazing armour; he has some incredible vehicles at his disposal; he’s a Clint-Eastwood-type loner and he can repair himself. However, in short, MacGyver has brains. It would probably boil down to the same thing in a fight between Batman and Superman. However, if it’s a closed arena where it’s man against man, Master Chief is going to win. But put this battle in the real world with Swiss army knives and plastic tape at his disposal, and MacGyver’s going to murder our futuristic friend.

Up until now Master Chief is 2-0 down, and it’s starting to seem like he could definitely use a Halo 3 weapon cheat or two. But we’ll give him another opponent. This time it’s going to be Master Chief versus the Terminator. We already know Master Chief’s powers, the Terminator’s are an ability to master any weapon, relentless willpower, doesn’t get tired, amazing detrermination to kill his target. It all comes down to the Spartan laser weapon. As one respondent pointed out, if Master Chief can destroy vehicles with this weapon he can certainly blast a sizeable hole in the Terminator too.

Let’s have another contest before Master Chief discovers his Halo 3 weapon cheat. What would he do against Boba Fett from Star Wars? The main differences between Master Chief and Boba Fett are that Boba has no shields, owns his own ship and has a jet pack.

Many people believe Star Wars comes out on top in this battle, but Master Chief’s weapons are much more powerful than those shown by the bounty hunter. This one makes it two all, Master Chief goes 50-50.

So, there you have it. In this small poll that we read on the Internet, Master Chief is your average sort of super hero, who is not guaranteed to win every bout, unless he finds his weapons cheats or the story writers want him to, that is.

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The Xbox Red Light Error Codes And What You Should Do About Them

June 1, 2012 by John Andrews  
Filed under Computers

Getting flashing red lights on your console after your Xbox 360 stops working is a frustrating experience. If you don’t understand the meaning of these lights, it’s impossible to know what you should do next.

For starters, there are four different light patterns or error codes to be aware of. Each error code denotes a specific type or class of problems. The error codes and their meanings are listed below:

1.) One red light.

This indicates a hardware problem. Turn off the console and remove the cables. Then reattach the cables and turn the console back on.

If it still flashes a one red light, then repeat the process with the hard drive. Power off the console, detach then reattach the hard drive and turn the power back on. You should also do this with the memory unit if your console has one. Power off, remove, reattach, and then power on again.

The point of this procedure was to ensure that the hard drive, cables, and memory unit were securely attached.

2.) Two red lights.

Two red lights mean that the console has over heated. Your Xbox needs to cool down so turn off the power and allow a few hours of rest time. The Xbox has a marginal cooling system at best and can’t handle abuse of any kind.

It is extremely delicate in this regard. It should only be used in cool and well ventilated environments. Don’t place it next to other electronics (they put out heat), ovens, stoves, or in direct sunlight.

Keep your Xbox out of any and all enclosures. The fan vents draw in a lot of air for cooling purposes. So it’s important that they not become clogged up.

Keep these vents clean of dirt and dust. Placing you Xbox on shaggy carpeting or on very soft surfaces like the top of your bed covers can also obstruct air flow into the fan vents.

3.) Three red lights.

Three red lights indicate a hardware problem with either the console or with its power supply. The three red light condition has two basic causes. Either the Xbox is starved for power, or it is running too hot.

First check to see if it’s getting enough power. The power supply has a light on its side. It should be green, if not, start checking the power cord connections. Make sure that your wall outlet or power surge protector aren’t at fault.

If too much heat is causing the 3 red light error, the problem may be caused by the way that you are operating the Xbox. It could also be caused by an internal defect. You should first rule out operational causes by using the recommendations for the 2 red light error. If you are still having problems, then an internal component needs replacement or repair.

4.) Four red lights.

You have an AV cable that is either loose or damaged. Reattach the cable or get a new one if required.

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The Chance to Improve Your Call of Duty Game

April 19, 2012 by Martin Russell  
Filed under Hobbies

Have Some Grenade Tactic

Nearly all beginning game enthusiasts only want to throw frag grenades and maybe buy semtex grenades. However when it comes to team-based games, the tactical grenades supply a great deal of valuable choices too; Nova Gas, Flash, and Concussion Grenades all assist with crowd control diversely. By default, you do not even have any equipment and could effortlessly forget to buy some — but something as innocuous as a well-placed claymore/jammer/motion sensor/tactical insertion could easily help out you and your team. Never be Antisocial

Always remember to focus on becoming a team player. It bears repeating: a team that actually harmonizes its actions and has participants matching each other will often win. This implies things like not having everyone pick the RC-XD killstreak; someone should still utilize the default Spy Plane to reveal targets on the map, which another player can then use for designating Mortars or Napalm Strikes.

Black Ops is much more generous in doling out experience points for team-based actions, for example capturing points, placing or defusing bomb charges, or simply just killing a rival immediately after he takes out a fellow teammate (for some Avenger XP). Don’t be the antisocial fool who just tries to get kills and points for himself. Besides, being part of a winning team that continues on a victory streak will most likely level you up more rapidly than being an armed misanthrope.

Make Use of the Stats As soon as you reach level 10 and unlock your Combat Record, a slew of information will be at your fingertips, just like heat maps that show where most people die on a map, where you often shoot people, and also how people tend to kill you. You can then in turn use this information to better yourself as a player. By way of example, if you find that you are being knifed in the back a great deal, you may want to get good at watching your back by utilizing the Spike Cam to cover your flank, as well as some Claymores. Or if you find that you might be shooting people often in the arms, equip a red dot sight to hone your aim and switch on auto-aim. This should help you refine your shots to hit enemies within the chest and head — key areas to quickly defeat your opponents — allowing you to move up the ranks even faster.

To know more tips on how to improve multiplayer game, check out this recommendation: Call of Duty Guide.


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Halo 3: Screenshots

April 17, 2012 by Owen Jones  
Filed under Computers

When a video game series is as widely famous as the Halo series, which includes Halo 3, of course, then it’s bound to result in there being thousands of screenshots available. This piece concentrates on some of the weird and wild Halo 3 screenshots.

Before getting on to the Halo 3 screenshots specifically, let’s take a look at the figures that generate all of this media. Over 9 million copies of Halo 3 have been sold to date. That means that if each person who purchased the game plays for only 10 hours, there are more than 90 million hours of game time from which to make screen shots. A lot can take place in 90 million hours, and with all the picture-uploading websites available to people, loads of it has been documented.

One of the issues in Halo 3 that has frequently been copied in Halo 3 screenshots is the identity of Master Chief or more specifically, what his face looks like. If you use Google to find the top 10 Halo 3 screenshots, you’ll find a picture of Master Chief lying dead on the ground, clearly not showing a face inside his helmet. This explains why we never see his face, say many players, because he does not really have one.

Another one of the Halo 3 screenshots appearing in the top 10 Halo 3 screenshots is the one of a Marine getting hammered on a floodgate. Someone commented that it looked a little bit like Han Solo when he was frozen in Carbonite. And do you know what? – they’re absolutely right.

The designers of Halo 3 decided to make it a lot easier for players to grab Halo 3 screenshots and to post them all over the Internet. In order to accomplish this, they created a ‘Saved Films’ feature in the video game. This feature permits players to slow down the action, or even to freeze it, change the camera angles and even move the camera around to get exactly the screenshot they would like to see. Generally speaking, the ‘Save Films’ feature records all the action that takes place in the game, so it can later be converted into videos are screenshots.

Another feature that has a lot to do with Halo 3 screenshots in the ‘Save Films’ feature, is the watching of previously saved films. You see, the saves are not just images or video, they’re actual game data. This means two things: 1] the file size is pretty small and 2] the whole game can be watched from different angles on the Xbox 360.

This means to say that a player can replay a game again and again, finding new things in new places every time they watch it. That’s a great deal better than plain Halo 3 screenshots.

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Techniques to Boost your Call of Duty Game

April 8, 2012 by Martin Russell  
Filed under Product Reviews

To further improve your game, I have here three tips with your Call of Duty play:

Do not get Killed It might appear apparent, but this is the best advice an individual can supply you with. In a majority of cases, you don’t want to run straight into a room, passageway, or around corners. Rather than rush your way to battle look down your sights when you encounter any one of these sorts of areas and tread carefully.

Occasionally being cautious is the best strategy to stop your death streak. A number of people usually camp in some areas expecting you and your teammates to operate senselessly around the map. Unless of course you are to the point where you’ve equipped Lightweight and Marathon Perks, only run if you are in the open.

Plan in advance

Take into consideration what type of scenario or multi player modes you will get yourself in and prepare properly when creating your class. If you know you’ll play a great deal of regular death match, make a class which you love. Then create one more class that nearly mimics it with the exception of a few minor tweaks within the Perks area. If you find that your enemies constantly plant claymores around the map or love lobbing grenades significantly, you will want to have an extra class to combat this situation. The Flak Jacket and Hacker Perks help alleviate many of these difficulties.

Find Your Style Consider what kinds of guns you prefer and if your Perks and game play style reflect that. If you like rocket launchers don’t go nuts with an SMG. Do you want to camp but taking advantage of knifing people instead? You might like to look at ditching the camping aspects of your game. Each one of us enjoys a certain comfort zone. It’s up to you to find your style and stay with your skills. Only later when you become more advanced in the game could you figure out how to follow different play styles.

To find out more tips on how to improve Call of Duty game, please check out this Call of Duty Guide: Call of the Dead.


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NCAA Football 12: Coming To A XBOX Near You

April 1, 2012 by Greggory Meyers  
Filed under Entertainment

Certainly one of the most effective college football games with the yr is coming out this July, NCAA Football ’12 from EA Sports activities, this series continues to be heading on for a long time and it just keeps finding better and better! I do not understand how EA does it nonetheless they maintain creating genuinely exciting games to play!

Screen shots of the video game have leaked out by now and boy does it appear excellent, the gamers appear actual existence like, almost can not notify you might be playing a video clip game! EA introduced a fantastic trailer showing game highlights together with the all new presentation mode with makes the video game Tv like, also they use ESPN graphics so it feels like you might be observing a game are living on ESPN.

Yet another new mode that was entirely made more than was the dynasty mode, this enables you to take about a college and turn out to be the coach, you actually need to go out and recruit new gamers which outcomes in you competing against other educational institutions who also desire to recruit that scorching new prospect. You’ll be able to set your teams timetable and just like the real entire world the tougher teams you play and beat the far better your rankings is going to be inside the polls.

Yet another mode you are able to play is the be a higher education superstar mode, therefore you can handle a player starting up within the substantial college playoffs and you will get recruited from various universities which means you do have some say in in which you go, but only specific teams can make you offers and that means you tend not to get to truly select. This tends to make it extremely realistic in that you just want the big colleges to go after you but when it doesn’t transpire it is possible to even now play in a very scaled-down school or conference.

The game is going to be released on July 12th 2011 and video clip game shop fans are actually waiting for its release. It actually does commence the EA Sports activities season in that Madden, NHL, NBA all come soon after the NCAA football release. A great deal of main merchants are supplying bonuses to folks who pre purchase the video game these as offering away free guides to bonus uniforms that can be downloaded from the game, because of this it really is a game well worth pre ordering as opposed to waiting for that release date.

Looking to find the best deal on where to Buy NCAA Football 2012, then visit to find the best advice on where to Pre Order NCAA Football 12.

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The Most Excellent Top Rated Games For The Xbox 360

February 28, 2012 by Frank Mitchell  
Filed under Entertainment

For anyone who desires to have or buy an Xbox but just isn’t really sure about which games are hot for the Xbox 360 ought to keep reading. You might have some of these games currently in your library or maybe you want to enhance and increase you game library; the games listed below are perfect for any Xbox 360 fan.

The Fable series of games offers Fable three. Fable fans that are familiar with Fable is going to be very happy and pleased with this latest installment of the series.Fable is really a role-playing game that allows the player to determine how you can defeat the current King of Albion by creating up support and making allies to lead a revolution. If the player is victorious, they are crowned the monarch and rule and lead Albion the way they see feat. Fable was released in December 2010 and is becoming released for computer in May 2011.

A initial person shooting game, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one more great game. Between 2007 and 2009, this game was released for different game formats including the Xbox. It was the best selling game in 2007 and 2009.

The goal of this game would be to eliminate all the war opponents in several different kinds of fight backgrounds. You’ll be able to battle opponents located in different parts of the world or collaborate with other gamers to develop teams for your war game.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010) is a racing game that’s the 16th installment in the game franchise. In late 2010 this game was released not only for Xbox 360 but for other formats too. It is one of the very best and most well-liked racing games in the world.

Another well-liked shooting game is Left four Dead 2. As the name implies, it is the sequel to the award winning Left 4 Dead game. First released within the USA on November 17, 2009 for Windows and also the Xbox 360, it was introduced throughout the world three days later. This game happens after a pandemic has destroyed most of the world’s human population.

You will find four individuals who survived the annihilation and they have to fight zombies to arrive at rescuers. A unique feature of this game is the automatic adjustments in the scenarios which are triggered by how nicely the player is advancing by way of the game; this feature definitely enhances the problem for the player.

There are lots of other leading rated games for the Xbox 360 obtainable, from many diverse genres so you will find games for everyone. Ultimately, the best games are the ones you like probably the most.

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Exactly what the Full Black Ops Strategy Guide Need to Give You

February 16, 2012 by Martin Russell  
Filed under Computers

Almost everyone wanted to try playing the newest installment from the Call of Duty series. The Black Ops is indeed the most exciting out of all the other games in the series . Instead of just having to strike without consideration, the full Black Ops Strategy Guide will give you tips and suggestions for far better playing. Whether you are playing as a first person shooter or with a multi-player game, the guide needs to be your compass to know the ins and outs of each mission in every step of the way. The strategy guide will guide you through map overviews needed for multi-player. This will aid plan your future strategy, or hide yourself from threat. It also has tutorials and videos for quick understanding concerning how to play a specific rule of the game. As an example, only in Black Ops is one can generate income to use to get weapons and attachments. It is also the only one wherein a player can customize his character. The strategy guide should deliver intricate information on how these are properly done. One most important tip that a strategy guide can provide is on customization. It will help you in strategizing the next moves before going to the battle field.

Customizing one’s character might appear a bit tiresome but it in fact has a great effect on your winning capacity. A thorough list of the achievements and trophies should also be within the scope of a good Black Ops Strategy Guide. It must incorporate tricks and tips on how to unlock them and how many awards should be given once completed.

Another important aspect are the killstreaks. There are basic suggestions and tips on how to make good use of the killstreaks and those must be elaborated with your chosen strategy guide. Obviously, a guide will be proven wrong without the appropriate the walkthrough with each mission.

From the first mission down to the last one, it should contain the settings, the characters of the mission, what your mission is, what weapons to utilize, and what to expect. It is that essential that you may want to understand the ins and out from this guide by heart. This will definitely help you go through all the chaos of the game.

The choice of weapon is very important. A good strategy guide provides you with complete details weapon after weapon along with their attachments. The video game might appear a little complicated at first, but with the correct guidance of a complete Black Ops Strategy Guide, feel comfortable knowing that in no time at all, your name will also be placed on the leader boards.

To know more details on Call of Duty Guide, please visit this blog: Call of the Dead.

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